Societal security survey (WP3)

The primary objective of the workpackage is to generate and continuously update comprehensive survey-based empirical knowledge on European and international perceptions of societal security. This primary objective will be reached through the following secondary objectives:

  1. To account for and integrate existing knowledge on public perceptions of societal security across sectors.
  2. To develop and apply a solid scientific survey methodology to cover gaps in existing knowledge.
  3. To provide basis for a survey material on societal security to the SOURCE Virtual Centre of Excellence.
D3.9 Approval of national data protection authorities (IRKS Research – M10)
D3.6 Annual societal security report 3 (IRKS Research – M36)
D3.7 Annual societal security report 4 (IRKS Research – M48)
D3.8 Annual societal security report 5 (IRKS Research – M60)
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