Observatory and documentation hub (WP8)

The primary objective of the workpackage is to gather and organize information and research of relevance to research and development on societal security, its conceptualization and implementation. The secondary objectives include:

  1. To track and document changes in legal regimes of relevance to societal security in Europe.
  2. To continuously map the state of the play of technological evolution in the security sector.
  3. To create and maintain an index of current and past scholarly research of relevance for societal security.
  4. To monitor media responses to threats and insecurity.
  5. To maintain a database with a reasoned storage and indexing function.
Workpackage Leader: 
D8.3 Index of national and European scholarly research (VUB – M50)
D8.1 Documentation report on national and European legal trends (CEPS – M60)
D8.2 Documentation of technological trends (FhG – M60)
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