Education and training (WP7)

The primary objective of the workpackage is to develop and administer high-level and state-of-the art curricula, courses materials and teaching to professionals across all relevant sectors of the societal security environment. The secondary objectives include:

  1. To develop and deliver advanced-level teaching materials for university students.
  2. To develop and deliver teaching curricula for engineers and designers involved in security in the development of security technologies.
  3. To develop course materials for national, European and international policy makers.
  4. To develop course and training materials on societal security for first-responders.
  5. To develop training and informational materials on societal security for use by local police and security agencies.
Workpackage Leader: 
Task Leaders: 
Task Partners: 
D7.1 PhD course on technology and society (PRIO – M54)
D7.2 Training curriculum in societal security for engineers and designers (VUB – M54)
D7.3 Course for policy and law-makers on societal security (VUB – M54)
D7.4 Handbook and video package for first-responders (VUB –M54)
D7.5 Handbook and video package for local police (VUB – M54)
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