Report - Workshop ‘Preparedness for Cybersecurity’

The workshop focused on exploring values that are at stake in the design and implementation of such measure, and possible conflicts between such values. For example, on the one hand the values that are implicit in the design and implementation of security measures (‘industrial values’), and on the other hand the values held by citizens and other beneficiaries of these measures (‘societal values’)—and to find ways to (better) harmonize these sets of values.
The workshop lasted two-hours. Participants were several experts on cybersecurity, from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, Delft University of Technology, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and TNO. They were already familiar with the (Dutch) Nederlandse Cybersecurity Agenda and the (Dutch) National Cyber Security Research Agenda III NCSRA. In the workshop we explored and discussed a range of ideas for creating measures to improve preparedness for cybersecurity.
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