Dynamic Visualisations of the (On-going) results of WP4

Cooperation between the KCL and the médialab at Sciences Po enabled us to explore, into more details, how a competition among different narratives and authors over « the » meaning of the present evolution of security field, either to praise or criticize it, has been established on the European scale based on the idea of free movement in the Schengen area over a forty year period.
Through this cooperation, we were faced with the difficulty of building a methodology and technical tools to translate and make operational ideas and concepts embedded in theoretical discourse put forward by the KCL.
To account for these evolutions, Sciences Po designed dynamical interfaces allowing the user to navigate through the data collected by the KCL team. Hence, the idea of border timelines, of moving, scattered and heterogeneous borders, which are embedded not only in minds, technologies and the virtual but also in the material territoriality of state border. Chronology is, therefore, essential, whether one looks at it as a set of bifurcating lines - in a retrospective way like a genealogy - or as a socio-genesis to challenge the amnesia of institutions towards the arbitrary of their own origins.
We carried out the present study in the simplest way with the purpose of highlighting the most notorious events by connecting them with other events that come from a transversal reflection on European law, sociology of policing and the history of surveillance techniques.

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