E-Handbook on Societal Security Crises and Emergency Response in Europe

Author(s): Irina van der Vet, Ólöf Söebech and Florian Lang (eds.) 

The E-Handbook on Societal Security Crises and Emergency Response in Europe is an innovative educational tool for first responders in crisis management in the area of societal security. It features six multi-media case-studies coming from different parts of Europe, namely: Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and Spain. The case-studies explore and re-construct strategies and actions of first response professionals during national crises related to socio-political emergencies and natural disaster. Beside texts, the interactive content includes educational assignments and video interviews, in which professionals, who took on key roles in the crisis management and emergency response, share their experiences.

Although the handbook is primarily designed to assist and benefit emergency response practitioners such as police, security professionals, fire fighters and paramedics, its content offers an arsenal of material that is also useful for educators, academics, researchers and any individual aiming at enhancing their knowledge on societal security.

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