Video interview with Sebastian Denef

Entrepreneur & researcher innovation and technology - Berlin

Sebastian is a researcher at Fraunhofer headquarters Berlin, and the CEO of his startup Uberblik where he develops technology solutions for different groups of people.

“I have always been interested in technology and how it interacts with people. Rather than being the very techie guy, I was interested in how technology changes, and how it can influence organisations, people and societies”

His field of research is broad. He has worked with fire fighters in developing solutions to help them find their way out of burning buildings, by adding an IT function into the same tools they were using at the time. He has also researched how the police use IT, the barriers and opportunities of IT for the police force, and the potential of social media for the field.

“Citizens are becoming larger players in providing security and roles will need to be redefined. It is interesting to see, with all these new technologies enabling citizens to do things that before only professionals could do, how the power dynamics are shifting and to see how existing organisations deal with this shift. And people will also have to learn how to deal with the power that they have.”

Sebastian’s current endeavour is his company UBERBLIK. Uberblik is a visual board that allows a team of people to simultaneously collect date in one place. Moreover, the information on the board is securely stored and therefore can be used for security sensitive information and by safety critical markets.

“During the development of the platform I realised how important information is, and how important it is to protect it. Also, there is this sense of being responsible when developing a new technology - on how to apply the values you want to see already in the design of a system”

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