Video interview with IDA HAISMA

Director of The Hague Security Delta - The Hague

“There has always been a security element in what I have done, but it can also be defined as broader interest in societal aspects. That is the interesting part for me - that and to contribute to a better and a more secure world”

Ida Haisma is the director of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the largest security cluster in Europe, where businesses, governments and knowledge institutions work together on innovation and knowledge in the field of safety and security.

There she directs the HSD office which is directing various programmes and projects for the HSD partner organisations. Ida has been the director of the HSD soon after it was founded as a not for profit foundation in 2013. She left her job as the Director of Innovation for Safety and Security research at the TNO, to start at HSD. Prior to that, she was the Managing Director of the Netherlands Centre for Crime Prevention and Community Safety (the CCV)

“TNO is one of the founding fathers of HSD, so actually you could call me one of the founding mother of the HSD”

There are many projects and programmes on-going with the HSD partners. The Trusted Networks Initiative, is a recently launched programme that provides server operators with a last-resort option in case of a large DDoS attack. Partners within the Trusted Networks Initiative can temporarily disconnect from the global internet, stepping to a trusted network only. Shutting down is not organized top-down, but bottom-up. This way, the trusted network initiative provides an unaffected flow of information within a trusted network. The projects and programmes running within the Dutch security cluster focus on collaboration between the private and the public sector, and Ida believes this collaboration is essential, along with the knowledge institutions in order to develop real solutions to security issues.

“The private sector is essential for innovation in safety and security as they are the ones who are willing to invest in R&D. If they come up with new solutions, they will gain a new market position”

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