Course on societal security for engineers and designers

This online course on societal security is designed for a Bachelor/Master-level self-paced learning or as an additional source of inspiration for educators in Engineering, Technology and Design. However, all interested individuals are welcome to participate in the course.

Course description:

There are 5 study modules and an additional video module. Each study module covers a particular topic. It contains: 1) reading material, 2) two assignments, 3) a quiz and 4) an open-end question for discussion. The reading material provides comprehensive overview of a particular subject, prepared by our societal security experts. The corresponding tasks will train practical usage of societal security approach in a certain context. The multiple choice quiz is meant for self-evaluation of learning outcomes. The open-end questions aim at encouraging interactive discussion among all course-users, where they can reflect more on the topic of the module. The additional video module allows students to watch a number of videos on Societal Security where both security practitioners and scholars will share their views on changes in security sector in today's Europe.

Course objectives: 

  1. Introduce students to the basic ideas on societal security 
  2. Provide an insight on implication of societal security in the fields of engineering and design
  3. Teach students to define and analyse situations related to societal security in engineering and design
  4. Provide practical tools and suggestions for developing new societal security technologies 

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